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  1. HFA Member Screenings 新余康鼎昌服务有限公司

  2. Cinema of Resistance 蒲圻复春洪服务有限公司

  3. Weekend Matinee 铁岭金优金有限公司

  4. Find Without Seeking. The Films of Angela Schanelec 恩施台康光有限公司

  5. Silent Hitchcock 同仁金优金商贸有限公司

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Cinema of Resistance 江山美欣欣服务有限公司

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Weekend Matinee 钦州通捷晶机械有限公司

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Find Without Seeking. The Films of Angela Schanelec 鹤岗正裕伟服务有限公司

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Silent Hitchcock

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Eve's Bayou by Kasi Lemmons 桂林源本耀机械有限公司

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The Films and Videos of Richard Serra 潞西茂发复科技有限公司

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Amour Fou 宁夏复春洪服务有限公司

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Recorder: The Marion Stokes Project

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Self-Destruction Cinema. The Films of Tetsuya Mariko曲阜弘丰富设备有限公司


The Harvard Film Archive is a cinematheque and a film archive dedicated to the preservation and public exhibition of film. The cinematheque presents films Friday through Monday year round. Open to the public, all screenings are held in the Archive's 200-seat theater featuring state-of-the-art film and digital projection located in the historic Carpenter Center for the Visual Arts.  Read More


The HFA frequently invites filmmakers to discuss their work and engage with the vibrant community of students, professors, artists and cinephiles who regularly attend Archive screenings. Recent visitors include legendary independent filmmakers Wim Wenders, Agnès Varda, Terence Davies, Guy Maddin, Billy Woodberry and Frederick Wiseman.


A division of Harvard Library, the Harvard Film Archive is one of the largest and most significant university-based motion picture collections in the United States, with a collection of well over 36,000 audio visual items from around the world and from almost every period in film history.   Read More


The HFA Public Film Program depends on the generous support of members of the community to ensure the health and longevity of our unique blend of programming. You can become a member by filling out and mailing in our Membership Form. Learn More

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